We offer a selection of essential beauty treatments designed to enhance and enrich your natural beauty. Products and treatments have been specially selected for their natural organic properties.


Shen Therapy uses Mancine Wax for all waxing treatments. Made from the highest quality resin, this wax does not stick to the skin, but shrink wraps individual hairs, making removal more comfortable and hygienic.

eye Treatments

The eyes are described as the window to your soul, these non-invasive treatments will enhance and add a little extra sparkle.

Nail Treatments

Prescriptive Facial Treatments

A tailored facial, isn’t just skin deep, it’s a sensual and enjoyable experience, aiming to give long-term benefits and a greater sense of wellbeing.

Evolve Natural and organic Skincare  choose ‘green science’, the power of plants, over the synthetic alternatives you will find in most mass produced cosmetics and toiletries. Their products are packed with active natural ingredients such as coconut peptides, natural hyaluronic acid, natural retinols from rosehips.  Natural ingredients have such wonderful scents and textures and the powerful actives contained within them should be celebrated in good quality skincare. 

Evolve Organic Beauty

You can order any of the skincare products used in my prescriptive facial treatments by clicking the link below

Massage Treatments section box


A range of holistic massage therapies designed to treat both physical and psychological concerns

Acupuncture points


Has the scope to help many conditions ranging from pain relief to women’s health issues, through to anxiety, stress or depression.

Reflexology selection box


It is believed reflexology restores natural balance and harmony to the body. It can be beneficial to anyone of any age.

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If you are an existing Shen Therapy client you can book your appointment using my automated system. New customers please contact me prior to booking to discuss the treatment you require.