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About Beth

I qualified as a holistic practitioner in 2002 and am passionate about the benefits of holistic therapy. Working overseas, as well as locally, has enabled me to gain extensive experience and develop my treatment style.

My treatments provide a natural approach to body healing, so when I meet a new client, I like to familiarise myself with them by engaging in a relaxed chat about any symptoms they present and the suitable treatments I offer. I will consider current physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual states of health and wellbeing to determine the most effective course of treatment. My ambition is always to restore the body’s natural balance, which plays such an important role in maintaining good health and overall wellbeing.

Over the years, I have found holistic therapy is being used increasingly by clients wishing to find more balance and harmony in their lives, and it has gained particular popularity among those looking to manage chronic stress, in addition to other physical and psychological concerns ranging from muscular aches and pains to hormonal imbalances, to improved sleep and mental clarity.

Holistic therapies are not exclusively used for curing ills, they are equally suitable for treating individuals who simply enjoy pampering themselves. All treatments are completely natural and non-invasive, suitable for all ages, they gently but effectively work to restore and maintain the body’s natural balance to encourage the body to self heal.

Please take a moment to browse through the range of treatments I offer, and if you’d like to find out more, please give me a call to discuss how I can help you achieve improved wellbeing.


Beth Wollerton  BA Hons, LicAc

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If you are an existing Shen Therapy client you can book your appointment using my automated system. New customers please contact me prior to booking to discuss the treatment you require.